Our Approach

A Philosophy
of Building


Ineo Builders works in both residential and commercial building. We typically engage in projects that are unique or one-off in nature. We don’t take every project that comes our way, but fully commit to those we do and engage our clients with a developed process throughout the duration of the project. Here is a bit about our approach.

In order to make our clients dreams a reality, we have to build with intentionality throughout the process, from the planning, to the construction techniques used, to the materials employed. We love design and details and are inspired by projects that challenge us. We like to get it right, even if no one else notices. It may not be noticed, but we believe it is always felt.

Discernment in building comes from the knowledge of your craft combined with the desire for a truly special outcome. We know the nuanced characteristics of materials and how they age over time. We have deep knowledge of building techniques. We have experience in solving myriads of problems across diverse projects. With that knowledge we help complete the design, filling in the details that can’t be expressed on paper. Builders should make good plans even better.

Along with the vision, every project comes with the restraints of time and budget. But rather than see these as a hindrance, we view constraints as a catalyst to our creativity, spurring us on to solutions that achieve those goals without sacrificing our client’s aesthetic dreams. That’s why we’re always optimistic about what we do. We know how to do the work to overcome challenges, and we also know it is satisfying and worth it in the end.


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