Penthouse Residential, 2020 A study in contrasts, this penthouse residence uses light and dark finishes, combining an overall clean, contemporary style with industrial elements and finishes throughout. Placeholder

Downtown Flat

Downtown Flat Residential, 2017 This downtown flat is a modern take on traditional style. In addition to the many artisanal details, there were several engineering challenges that come with renovating inside old brick buildings in a downtown setting. Structural steel had to be added in order to create the opening for the staircase. To help […]

Cotswold Country Estate

Cotswold Country Estate Residential, 2013 The vision for this project was quite specific: the client wanted an authentically styled estate that felt like it was built 200 years ago in the the Cotswolds, a region in the south of England. It was a substantial project. We did the grading and site infrastructure, put in two […]

Mohawk Retail

Mohawk Retail Commercial, 2018 The challenge of this project was to renovate four buildings, all with different styles of construction, into a unified retail space to meet the needs of several small businesses. In addition to the exterior of the building we also did two of the interiors. The design studio shown above and the […]

Oak Hill Cafe

Oak Hill Cafe Commercial, 2019 Oak Hill Cafe engaged us to renovate a 1950s ranch house, repurposed into a new farm-to-table restaurant. It has an unassuming exterior, but a beautiful interior, making for a fitting setting for their brand of quality food and hospitality. We were thrilled to hear that they went on to be […]

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee Commercial, 2015 If you live in Greenville you probably know about Methodical Coffee. We are proud to have played a part in creating this space that has become such a well-loved part of downtown. Placeholder

Northwest Modern House

Northwest Modern House Residential, 2016 What started as a bedroom remodel in this 1980s house, turned into a beautiful full-interior renovation in a Northwest Modern style . The house is full of long, linear features and we loved the challenge of building in this minimal style. The porch roof was one of the signature exterior […]